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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Reshared post from Cellular Computing

Cellular Computing originally shared this post: Next-Generation Digital Information Storage in DNA byGeorge M. Church, Yuan Gao, Sriram Kosuri "Digital information is accumulating at an astounding rate, straining our ability to store and archive it. DNA is among the most dense and stable information media known. The development of new technologies in both DNA synthesis […]

So cool. Google Maps goes underwater.

So cool. Google Maps goes underwater. turtlesss! 😀 +dee Clewes  heron island resort Explore the oceans from your computer as Google Maps goes underwater There's plenty of talk about Google Maps and iOS 6 right now, but Google has quite literally submerged itself from that chatter for a moment. The search giant has launched a […]

This should make it much easier to find…

This should make it much easier to find those crazy character codes. 🙂 &what? — Discover Your Character Quick, interactive character reference for HTML entities and Unicode characters. Find hex or decimal code for ISO 8859-1 characters, letters, quotation marks, punctuation marks…

Yayyyy Icons!

Yayyyy Icons! FC Webicons Set Launched | Fairhead Creative If you're a website owner, here's a little something for you. FC Webicons is a set of resolution-independent social icons for use on your website. They use feature-detected SVG graphics (with PNG fall…